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Drivers of Volcano Deformation Exercises

We are pleased to announce the launch of a volcano model verification and validation initiative “Drivers of Volcano Deformation” (DVD), sponsored by CONVERSE/IAVCEI/Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction. DVD Phase 1 consists of several exercises to test commonly used models for ground deformation at volcanoes. As forward and inverse models of volcano deformation increase in complexity, it is important to establish community standards for reproducibility – these exercises provide one path towards such standards. In Phase 1 we have developed a set of forward and inverse problems that are intentionally somewhat simple, but still relevant to a range of volcano deformation scenarios. We plan to develop more complex exercises in future phases.

Exercises will wrap up summer 2022 (target completion by July/August) with a workshop. We then intend to write a peer-reviewed paper in which every group that participates significantly will be an author. We encourage students and PIs alike to participate and will hold monthly office hours to troubleshoot with participants. 

The exercise problem statements and instructions, with a web platform for uploading/downloading as well as interactive plotting of solutions, have been published at: 


Please contact any of the organizing committee below with questions. Thank you in advance for participating!

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