Commission on Volcano Geodesy

About us

About us

About us IAVCEI Volcano Geodesy Commission

Geodesy is an important tool for exploring the geometry and temporal evolution of magma plumbing systems, as well as for monitoring and hazards assessment during volcanic unrest and eruption. Geodetic techniques include measurements of both deformation (to determine the magnitude, location, and geometry of subsurface sources of pressure change) and gravity (to assess subsurface mass variations). This IAVCEI Commission on Volcano Geodesy helps organize the diverse community and promote a better understanding of magmatic processes through geodesy.

What does the Volcano Geodesy Commission do?

The Volcano Geodey Commission works in the frame of IAVCEI activities, focusing on volcanic deformation and inferring the underlying processes that drive deformation.

Who is the IAVCEI Volcano Geodesy Commission?

Membership consists of researchers from across the globe working on volcano geodesy problems and is headed by a pair of co-chairs.