Misision of the Commission

The IAVCEI Volcano Geodesy Commission (also IAG Sub-Commission 3.2 Volcano Geodesy) was formally founded on January 29, 2017, with the acceptance of the proposal for the commission to IAVCEI.sal for the commission to IAVCEI.

The main aim of the IAVCEI Geodesy Commission is to create a community of scientists working on ground deformation and geodesy studies on volcanoes. volcano geodesy studies have been restricted in scope, with individual investigators or small teams of researchers working on single events or volcanoes and using datasets that are constrained in terms of their type and/or spatio-temporal extent.

This commission will represent a stimulating community where discussing, sharing, comparing and developing approaches and results, as well as where sharing and transferring experiences and expertise. The combination of new methods of geodetic observation/analysis with innovative modeling approaches offers exceptional promise for exploiting volcano geodetic data to achieve a more thorough understanding of magmatic processes than has heretofore been possible. Discussions will be facilitated by websites, mail lists and forums, as well as by periodical and/or thematic meetings for sharing and developing ideas, cooperation and projects.

The main added values will be in terms of opportunities, development and of knowledge. This will increase the opportunities of each individual researcher; opportunity to cooperate with other colleagues, adding new experience and new skills.

  • Bring together the IAVCEI geodesy community
  • Laying the groundwork for a community GIT repository
  • Transfer of knowledge among the participants
  • Enhanced surveying capability and definition of standards for monitoring activities

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